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How much does a new motor home cost?


The average price of a new class-A motor home with a gasoline engine is $119,000.

For a new class-A diesel pusher you'll see price tags more than double.  A whopping $282,000 according to Price Checker.

The Price Checker also reports that the average price of a new…

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Towing a Dinghy with 4 Wheels Down by RV Education 101®


RV Education 101 - videos, DVDs, books, tips and information for RVers



Search YouTube for other videos: …

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RV Accessory Essentials: Pete's RV Center Tips

Pete's RV Center Lifestyle Consultant Chad Shepard and Senior Walkthrough Technician Ed Cormier provide guidance to new RV buyers on camper accessory essentials.

Most newbies know about the special toilet paper, sewer hoses, wheel chocks, etc. But less are aware of other practical…

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Second home mortgage interest deduction

The federal second home mortgage interest deduction is a substantial benefit to middle class Americans who receive a tax deduction for their recreation vehicle.

We qualify for this deduction because we use our RVs as a moving vacation home to spend the winter in a warm climate or to spend weekends in the country.

Many Americans work their whole life with the dream of living or retiring to a RV lifestyle. But we are not the rich. The median annual income of RV purchasers is…

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Motorhome Forums at


RV Forum 200,000 members strong, the forums support thoughtful exchange of knowledge, values and experience among RV enthusiasts.


Class A Motorhome Discussions

Class B Motorhome Discussions…

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Sealtech: Locate hard to find RV water leaks

The Sealtech 430R enables technicians to accurately pinpoint water leaks.
It is recommended that you have your RV tested every year.


Sealtech Manufacturing Inc.




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