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New to the forum. I see a lot of mis-information as far as oil for RV's. Here is a little info for you. If you drive your RV all of the time, then synthetic oil would be a good choice for you. MOSt of us don't. I see people questioning changing oil before storage for winter. Here is the deal. Oil is dinosaur juice. Not very good as a lubricant by itself. Additives make it suitable for our use. When the manual say's to change the oil every six months, it seems like a waste if you haven't racked up any miles. The reason is that once that bottle of oil is opened, the additives start to dissapate due to oxygen. Oil also collects acids from combustion. If you park your RV for the winter with dirty oil, the acids WILL cause damage. With synthetic oils, you can go longer between changes, but you still have the acids in the oil, and you collect MORE over a longer period of driving time. Multi-viscosity oils. Here is the deal on that. A 5 W 20 oil means that it won't be thicker than a 5 weight oil for starting, and it won't be thinner than a 20 weight oil when it is hot. All of that depends on the polymers added to the base stock oil. If it is old oil, none of that works anymore, due to oxidation! Sure, you can drive 7,500 miles between changes, but NOT if it has been too long. If you want the REAL information on oils, do a search for "more than you ever wanted to know about oils". It will help clear up a lot of issues about oils. TIP; if you have a Ford Power stroke deisel, and wonder why it runs rough after an oil change, quit using Delo 400. It foams too much! Switch to Shell Rotella, and no more problems! Hope this will help someone. John

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