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This is a true adventure the class A was brand NEW and falling apart from day one. The first two problems listed happened on the very first day we picked up the coach and from there problems are not in any order and most of the problems happened more than once.

I will say that the factory service center in Decatur, IN did a great job in repairing all the issues but some of the issues they could not figure out why they happened at all and their plan wasbto replace everything connected with that problem and hopefully it would fix the issue. But after two trips to Indiana in 8 months we have had enough and sold the coach back to the dealer taking a big lose, Fleetwood made no effort to maybe make up for any lose we were taking and Fleetwood knows they had big problems with all year models 2013, 2014 and early 2015.

Now remember these first two problems happened the first day of ownership.

  1. Stepped out of the shower the floor had water all over and running out the bathroom door, NO seal on the bottom of the shower walls. Also the shower walls do not go up to the ceiling and I could stick my hand down between the shower walls and the coach walls. Guess what this also allows water to run down and out thru the kitchen. Fleetwood put in a fake wall and cover it with silicone so water from showering would not cause water damage to the wall.
  2. The install commercial refrigerator thermostat did not work so the icebox never cooled down and so far was been replaced 3 times do to the bouncing around the unit takes driving down the road. Whirlpool will not replace the unit as a whole and tells us it’s up to Fleetwood and of course Fleetwood won’t replace it either because it’s a Whirlpool problem they say. We were not told to not use the ice maker if we were using the onboard water pump so things froze up and the line to the ice maker came off and water all over the place.
  3.  Passenger side front storage compartment still has a problem with rain coming in it driving down the road and the floor is starting to rust out of it because of this.
  4. Passenger side frame has rust running the full length of the coach and it’s just on this side.
  5. Living room slide out scratches up the floor every time it goes in and out, Fleetwood never tried to adjust the slide to stop this gave us slides to put down on the floor.
  6. Galley window leaks when its rains getting water all over the counter top.
  7. Seal on the living room slide either push out when the slide goes out or falls off the back when in and has to be put back up.
  8. Rear slide from day one it goes out and the seal falls out, entire seal was replaced and from that point on we had light shining in the bottom of the slide and driving down the road of sitting in a park every time it rained water came in and now just a little.
  9. The air connection in the front storage compartment was an odd ball size that only Fleetwood could get and they had to order one for me.
  10. While repairing the rear slide it was taken out while going back in they dropped it and the slide had to repaired and painted.
  11. The PET window leaked from day one, of course that’s more water coming inside the coach.
  12. By-pass valve that allows you to fill the fresh water tank starting leaking by filling the tank causing it to overflow all the time, then stopped for no reason at all. Valve was never replaced because it wasn’t leaking by when coach was at the service center.
  13. Onboard charging system would not keep batteries at full charge never found out why!
  14. When sitting for long periods of time the coach frame would bow in the middle causing the cabinet doors to overlap each other.
  15. Pendent lights in the galley burned out blubs every 3 to 4 days and sometimes you could not get them out to replace. Fleetwood fix was to replace lights with bigger ones that you could get your hand into to remove the blubs. Light bulbs still burned out. Fleetwood figured they would replace the bulbs with LED lights, these have not burned out yet, but still why where the bulbs burning out. We may never know.
  16. Tail light on the rear left sides goes on and off, stopped by police office that told it was out and to get it fix. This problem would never happen at the service center and they could not explain it.
  17. Water pump would cycle on and off even when water was not running or pump would not work at all. Fleetwood replaced pump and the new one didn’t work the first night after it was installed. They when back and replaced all the switches and connection block for the pump.
  18. Living room J-lounge, the pullout is getting cut up, found screws sticking thru where there should have been no screws.
  19. Rear A/C for some reason had water come pouring out of it one night no rain. Fleetwood has no answer for this either.
  20. On top of the coach for each awning there are 2 carbon steel screws that hold the awning in place. Carbon steel believe it or not will rust which is what the screws have done. Fleetwood’s fix clean them up and repaint. MY fix is to pull them out and put in stainless steel screws.
  21. Here’s another day one problems, the Drivers chair did not sit square with the steering wheel, and you sat at an angle which made it hard to use the brakes and gas pedal.
  22. We were never told that the #2 A/C was a heat pump unit, so one night when the temperature got below 40 it shut down however the fan did not stop. So as the temperature when down the blower keeps running drawing cold air across the coils and the blower put this air in the coach, got cold inside. The next problem happened that night also.
  23. Gas furnace stopped working so we had no heat at all. Fleetwood could not figure out this problem so once again their answer was to replace all 4 components for the furnace and hope that worked. Never knew why or what happen in the first place. The new furnace that was installed has gotten louder over time, the more you use it the louder it gets. Fleetwood told it sounds find and did not replace it.
  24. Exhaust fan in bath room leaking when it rains you just never know when it will leak.
  25. When water pump runs the lights flicker on and off from the galley to the rear of the coach. Fleetwood had to run a power lead just for the water pump to stop the lights from flickering.
  26. The TV cable ran inside the coach has never allow us to have a clear picture or get park cable. The power switch was replaced but still no clear picture it comes and goes. We had the park call out the cable company, strong signal who knows.
  27. Rear A/C stopped working and it’s only 95 outside, spent 3 weeks in a hotel. Could not get any repair person to come out, most service centers had us on a wait list of 2 to 3 weeks. The problem was the unit was not talking to the control center and would not run. The fix was to disconnect the 12V power supply to the unit and then connect it back. No one could tell me this so I could do this or even simpler pull the fuse to the power panel.
  28.  Windshield wipers would not return to the parked position, when you turned them off the stopped right where they were. Now when we got to the service center the wipers worked correctly Fleetwood could now find a problem so they did nothing. Guess what on the why home they started doing it again stopping right where you stopped them.
  29. Entry steps were bent up when our coach was at the dealership by the dealer. A service person got in the coach and drove off with the door open and over a speed bump and then brought it back to us bent.
  30. Dealership replaced black water tank drain valve filled it for testing and left it full for us.
  31. Dealership returned our coach to us after some repairs dirty they did not clean the inside.
  32. Dealership, I paid for a full wash on the coach and they did not even get the bugs off.
  33. Dealership when we picked the coach up after they did some repairs, the service manager did not get off his butt and come out and go over what was done. We were the only people there.
  34. The awning switch, you never know if the awning is going to go out all the way or stop 2 or 3 times on the way out. Fleetwood could not explain this and never did anything.
  35. Awning wind sensor we don’t think it ever worked, awning just all at once will come in on it’s on. Had some big solid winds and sometimes it never came in?
  36. The Entry step work and don’t work you just never know when.
  37. From day one the kitchen sink leaked, we told them where it was leaking they resealed the whole sink that stopped that leak but the second leak they never worked on until our second trip to Indiana and we told them again. By the way we kept a bucket under the sink for 8 months.
  38. GFI in the bathroom kept tripping it was replaced but why was it tripping in the first place?
  39. From day 1 the bedroom door was too big for the door frame it would not shut.
  40. Had to pull out the refrigerator, it fits in a very tight spot. I found electrical wires between the icebox and wooden studs. Every time the icebox would move the wires were rubbing and starting to show wear. I sealed the wires with electrical tape and rerouted. This is a FIRE HAZARD and is probably this way in every coach.
  41. LP gas alarm goes off for no reason, replaced no more problem.
  42. From day 1 some seals on the living room slide were dry rotted.
  43. Bedroom slide would not retract, got help from a service and was able to get it in. Lived for 3 months with the slide in. Called Fleetwood for help and after 3 hours on the phone with them it was still out and would not move.
  44. During a trip had a burning smell coming from under the dash. Fleetwood was unable to find anything.
  45. Two windows in the hallway you can see light coming in from the outside. The windows where too small for the cut outs. Fleetwood’s fix fill the holes with silicone.
  46. All lights in the coach should be LED lights. Lights in the galley are bulbs and get hot.
  47.  Generator would not run the entire coach do to setting from the factory. With one A/C the refrigerator and the TV on, every time the A/C compressor would kick on the protection system would start load shedding which means things would turn off.
  48. ICC lights, these are the lights at the top of the coach, during trips they will just come on and you’re not able to turn them off. But for some reason after 48 of being stopped they will turn off. Fleetwood never figured this out.
  49. Vents in the kitchen and bath allowed bugs to come in when closed or opened. Once again Fleetwood could never figure out why.
  50. From day one trim throughout the coach would just fall off the walls.
  51. NO rain gutter spouts installed, figure that one out.
  52. Air cushion got a small pinhole leak in it. Cushion was pinched between something every time coach was lowered.
  53. Heat duct for the driver’s feet was pointed up into the dash. Man my feet got cold a time or two till this was found.
  54. Leveling sensor’s for the coach where NOT calibrated from day 1, not until we went to the factory did they get calibrated. Our dealer was not able to do this.
  55. When running the gas heater the smoke alarm would go off. Guess what replaced the smoke alarm.
  56. We have bar stools; guess what they started pulling apart 2 months after we got the coach.
  57. While I had the refrigerator pulled out I found a large hole with wires running thru it and no sealant or anything around the wires to keep them from rubbing. Plus the water from the shower and the ice maker would go down thru this hole.
  58. The problems with water leaking out or coming in throughout the coach were all looked at by Fleetwood and at that time they saw no damage. But as we all know water damage can take time and by the time mold, mildew and rot start to appear Fleetwood is going to tell you not my problem but I will fix it and charge you for it, because that’s what they told us.

Most of you Class A owners told us you just got to work thru these problems. BULL CRAP every one of our problems was because of poor craftsmanship’s at the factory and NO QA/QC control on the shop floor before ours and many other Fleetwood coach’s rolled out. I say this after talking with many other owners with similar problems that are coming to Indiana to get repairs done before there warranty runs out.

Feel free to say big deal suck it up or whatever you want to but as far as ever dealing with Fleetwood again this will NOT happen again to us. A very poor quality unit that should have never been put out to sell.

However we did learn a lot and if we ever purchase another unit we know what to look for.

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